English Pub Pool (Online UK Pool Game)

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English Pub Pool

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Play 8-Ball and Straight Pool tournaments against AI computer players to win cups and become Rank #1. Plus play various Challenges and Time Attacks to get high scores, win special trophies and improve your billiards skills. The 8-ball rules can be changed to your preference.

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Intructions: Aim with the mouse, then hold down the left mouse button and move downwards to set the power - use the scale that appears on the left to judge the shot strength. Release the left mouse button to take the shot. You can set the cue ball spin by using the Arrows, WASD keys or by clicking on the large cue ball in the top center of the screen. Your Pub Rank is based on your best and current form in the tournaments - your Pub Rank can go up and down. Good Luck!

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