Pub Snooker Screen Shots

Play Snooker tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks on your way to becoming the pub snooker champion. Play a new type of snooker called "3-Reds Snooker"

Snooker Break - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

Win tournaments to unlock harder ones, improve your Pub Rank, and win more pints and special trophies. There are two types of tournaments, Snooker and 3-Reds Snooker cups.

Snooker Tournament - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

Vision, accuracy and tenacity is needed to get top scores. You'll need to use the spin control to make big breaks and reach the top of the leaderboards.

Snooker Challenge - The Line - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

Win trophies by winning tournaments, making big breaks, getting top scores and shooting special shots.

In Game Snooker Trophies - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

All of your trophies are saved and you can see which ones you've won and which ones you still have to win.

Snooker Trophies - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

The aiming cursor changes colour so you always know which ball you can pot. After potting a red, you can nominate a colour by clicking on the colour or by pressing the 2 to 7 keys.

Snooker Aiming Cursor - Changes Colour So You Always Know What Ball To Play - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

The best snooker CPUs are able to play safety shots and can play for position. Only the best players will be able to Beat the Magician in the hard Challenge.

Snooker Computer Players - Excellent AI - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

Your pub rank is based on your best results in the tournaments and your current form. Your rank can go up and down - are you the best player in the pub?

Snooker Pub Rank - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

The snooker rules are very similar to real snooker. You can make your opponent play again after fouls and you have to nominate a colour after potting a red.

Snooker Rules - Pub Snooker - Screen Shot

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