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Cuboy Cubeture II

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(Free Online Game)

EPP Rating: 4.12


Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture 2 kicks off with our ultimate hero Cuboy lost in ancient times. Boss is missing, Evil Padrino is taking over and the Lord of the Underworld has stolen the time-warper! Can Cuboy save the day? Will Padrino mess Time right up? Does it really matter? Is this a tower defence game? What's for dinner? A/S/L?

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Intructions: QUICKFIRE HINTS: The palace door puzzle: there are visual clues in the city, have a look! Need to be a ninja? Who do you know that is sneaky? Need a sword? Got a bit of wood that looks like a sword? Got any friends who are good with wood? When you get kicked out of the city, EXPLORE the rest of the world! The answers ARE there!

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